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Genesis Story

It was 2010 when Equibit Group’s CEO Chris Horlacher first learned about Bitcoin. The world was still reeling from the financial crisis that proved just how murky the existing global financial system was.

2010 was also the year Chris left his job as an auditor with a Big Four firm and became the CFO of a US securities brokerage establishing itself in Canada. He was deep into the administrative side of the financial industry at a time when a new and innovative technology - one that would soon come to transform financial operations - began to pique his interest. Bitcoin highlighted the many visible but unreconciled vulnerabilities that existed within the financial system.

It soon became obvious that a peer-to-peer system like Bitcoin could be modified to serve as a suitable public securities register, greatly improving the efficiency of the industry, while significantly reducing the risks to the investing public.

With the existing administrative model, third parties such as custodians and transfer agents are responsible for maintaining records for complex securities ownership structures. Applying blockchain to securities makes intermediaries redundant, simplifying the ownership relationship to whoever holds title. The distinction between a registered and a beneficial owner, either as a non-objecting beneficial owner (NOBO), or objecting-beneficial owner (OBO), becomes moot.

Equibit Group was formed in September 2015 to bring the benefits of blockchain technology to capital markets and to democratize access to growth capital. A team of early cryptocurrency adopters, developers, and engineers came together to examine the opportunities that a blockchain-based securities registrar would provide, and began developing the concept for a decentralized capital markets platform.

A capital market based on blockchain provides many benefits to investors and issuers; the security of assets, investor verification, direct transfer of value, and removal of counterparty risk rank high among them. But a real solution must be delivered on a public blockchain with no central authority. True security can’t be achieved unless all users have equal rights and access to a transparent network - this is something in which Equibit Group strongly believes.

Our vision is for the world of finance to move onto the internet, with massive public blockchains acting as the ultimate registration systems for intangible assets. This is a place where anyone can transfer value without the need for an intermediary, and that’s as valuable to a bank or brokerage as it is to an individual person, perhaps even more so.

Our mission is to provide an alternative and world-class experience for anyone dealing with equity or debt, making it possible for issuers of all sizes to access capital. We are well on our way.


Q2 2015

Published Whitepaper, "Equibit, A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Equity System". Later translated into simplified Chinese and Spanish.

Q3 2015

Company formed

Q1 2016

Secured angel investor

Q4 2016

Proof of concept (POC) completed - basing the Equibit coin on a fork of Bitcoin

Q1 2017

Held public EQB sale - raising 400 BTC and 135k USD.

Q2 2017

Started to build a team - adding top tier talent to both development and marketing.

Q3 2017

Re-branded ourselves Equibit Group to better reflect our long-term vision for the company

Q4 2017

Sold an additional 400k EQB through a private EQB sale raising an additional 248.12 BTC

Q1 2018

January 3rd we mined the 1,000,000 Equibit (EQB) genesis block.

Q1 2018

Completed development of our initial product suite; Equibit Core and Equibit Portfolio - including advanced atomic swap functionality. 

Q2 2018

Testnet launch

Q3/Q4 2018

Equibit Group AG founded. Implementing lessons learned from testnet.

Q1 2019

Equibit mainnet launched.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Marc Godard


Marc Godard


Marc is a lifelong entrepreneur, developer and technologist. He studied Cognitive Science at Queens University, which is a special field concentration of artificial intelligence. With over 20 years of programming experience, Marc has designed and built numerous complex and custom systems, applications and web sites, including CRM, CMS, ecommerce and large, corporate web properties including projects for Telus and CIBC.

Possessing excellent business and technical acumen, he has acquired, revamped and reformed more than a dozen companies and provided professional consultation to many more.

Chris Horlacher


Chris Horlacher


Chris Horlacher is one of the foremost authorities on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.  Chris began his career as an auditor at a Big Four accounting firm. Before the age of 30, he was the CFO of a start-up stock brokerage that now manages over $4 billion in assets. Following that, Chris went on to found his own management consulting firm, playing an instrumental role in the success of numerous start-ups as well as multi-million-dollar projects for some of Canada’s largest companies, SME's and non-profit organizations. 

As an early adopter of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, Chris is often looked to for his insights on these emerging and exciting sectors. He has been interviewed by a number of leading media outlets, including Reuters, Bloomberg, The Globe and Mail (leading Canadian newspaper) and CBC (Canada’s public broadcaster), and has also spoken to large audiences at countless prominent industry events since 2014.

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Innovating how securities are issued and traded, Equibit Group is positioned as the global leader in applying blockchain technology to the capital markets.

Our team is continuously growing, and we’re looking for people with a passion for the capital markets and the opportunities of blockchain. If this sounds like you, we’d like to hear from you!

Send us an email telling us why you think you’d be a good fit along with your resume, and if there’s a suitable position available we’ll be in touch.

Available Positions:

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