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The Coin to Disrupt Capital Markets

Enabling blockchain-based issuances and providing access to Equibit Group’s suite of products, EQB, the network’s native token, will allow for the disruption of global capital markets. Equibit will radically change an industry that has seen little real innovation since computers were first deployed in business. Capital markets, including share registration, clearing and settlement, shareholder services, and investor relations, are multi-billion dollar industries ripe for technological innovation.

Great thought and effort by one of the blockchain industry's most experienced teams have been invested in programming our token and ensuring it supports this initiative.  Read  here  [link to blog] about how miners are rewarded through the application of a logistic curve and here [link to blog} about how the SHA-3 hash was chosen.



If you'd like to list EQB on your exchange, simply enter your contact information below, and our Chief Blockchain Officer will be in touch.


Apply your cryptocurrency experience and infrastructure to mining EQB, the Equibit network's native access token, and earn rewards. If you’ve mined Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency, you can easily mine EQB … At this stage, a GPU will have you up and running.

Download Equibit Core and Equibit Miner and start mining!

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We've created a guide to mining EQB - download it now and get started:


Equibit Group Mining Pool

We welcome independent, smaller-scale miners to join the network as part of the Equibit Mining Pool.

A hash power aggregator, Equibit Group’s mining pool will launch with our Equibit Portfolio software in early 2018 – even better, this pool will remain a no-fee service, at least until the summer!

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Enter your contact information and we'll be in touch about joining our mining pool