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The Coin to Disrupt Capital Markets

Enabling blockchain-based security issuances and providing access to Equibit Group’s suite of products, Equibit (EQB), the network’s native coin, will allow for the disruption of global capital markets. EQB will radically change an industry that has seen little real innovation since computers were first deployed in business. Capital markets, including share registration, clearing and settlement, shareholder services, and investor relations, are multi-billion dollar industries ripe for technological innovation.

Great thought and effort by one of the blockchain industry's most experienced teams have been invested in programming our coin and ensuring it supports this initiative.

EQB is a cryptocurrency operating on a dedicated blockchain, forked from the Bitcoin code. We edited and improved upon Bitcoin to create the first digital crypto-security network. Here are some details:

Supply Management

 - A logistic curve mimics natural resource extraction, starting with a low production rate, peaking, then declining. This principle has been algorithmically applied to the supply of EQB.
 - The logistic curve pushes peak inflation to eight years into the future, to where we expect the network to hit major growth - lower inflation in the early stages helps support the value of EQB.
 - Read more about the application of a logistic curve here.
 - 22M EQB created over approximately 55 years with only 6% pre-mined.


 - Use of SHA-3, the latest and most secure hashing mechanism of the SHA family. Read here about how why we chose  SHA-3.
 - A dedicated blockchain for crypto-securities offers direct access to the protocol layer, smart contracts are not needed.


 - Adaptive block size - Automatic on-chain scaling
 - Mandatory SegWit – Efficient block design and support for lightning channels for high-speed off-chain transactions.
 - Gravity Well – Block time (10 mins) remains stable even with large changes in global hash rate.

This blog summarizes the features and benefits of EQB with respect to miners, the crypto community, issuing companies and their investors.



If you'd like to list EQB on your exchange, simply enter your contact information below, and our Chief Blockchain Officer will be in touch.


Apply your cryptocurrency experience and infrastructure to mining EQB, the Equibit network's native access token, and earn rewards. If you’ve mined Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency, you can easily mine EQB … At this stage, a GPU will have you up and running.

Download Equibit Core and Equibit Miner and start mining!

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We've created a guide to mining EQB - download it now and get started:


Equibit Group Mining Pools

We encourage independent, smaller-scale miners to join the network as part of an Equibit mining pool.

A hash power aggregator, Equibit Group’s mining pool software will be available a couple of months after we launch Equibit Core.

If you are interested in setting up a mining pool or joining one, complete this form and we'll be in touch.

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