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The Coin to Disrupt Capital Markets

Enabling blockchain-based security issuances and providing access to Equibit Group’s suite of products, Equibit (EQB), the network’s native coin, will allow for the disruption of global capital markets. EQB will radically change an industry that has seen little real innovation since computers were first deployed in business. Capital markets, including share registration, clearing and settlement, shareholder services, and investor relations, are multi-billion dollar industries ripe for technological innovation. Capital markets are the next 'killer app" of blockchain technology.

Great thought and effort by one of the blockchain industry's most experienced teams have been invested in programming EQB and ensuring it supports this initiative.

Here are five tenets behind Equibit - the Blockchain of Capital:

1. Simple

Equibit is simple and easy to understand.

While the securities industry is complex with multiple intermediaries adding further complexity, the Equibit network removes intermediaries and complexity by allowing peer-to-peer issuance and trade of securities on the blockchain. The securities functionality is built directly in the open-source protocol so there is no need for complex smart contracts. Simplicity is a key design principle for the Equibit protocol.

2. Secure

Equibit is a secure protocol.

Capital markets require a high level security and privacy; state-of-the-art security mechanisms were selected for the Equibit network. Hashing algorithm, private shareholder communications,  KYC/AML compliance, and state of the art hardware key management; these capabilities and many more make Equibit the most secure peer-to-peer protocol for capital markets.

3. Sustainable

Equibit offers a sustainable network economy.

The autonomy of the network is a necessary part of a successful blockchain. The Equibit network protocol has been carefully designed to generate a sustainable internal economy. This is achieved by applying well-understood lessons from the natural world (ex: logistic curve mining reward) and ensuring full peer-to-peer decentralization at all levels of the protocol. Open-sourcing the software to the community provides guarantees of long-term support and development. Equibit is the most sustainable blockchain for capital markets.

4. Scalable

Equibit provides consistent performance as it scales.

Equibit is designed to offer consistent performance as it scales. Incorporating leading innovations from the best blockchain initiatives in the world, Equibit provides adaptive block sizing, interoperability with 2nd layer technologies, mining difficulty adjustment mechanisms, block-time predictability, and a standard UTXO protocol for wallet and market integration.

5. Specialized

Equibit is specialized for capital markets.

Financial markets demand and expect the highest quality-of-service from their infrastructure providers. This can only be achieved with a blockchain protocol specifically designed for this industry. The secret to not having to compromise is to have a clear vision of the problems we want to solve; Equibit is specialized to dramatically reduce the costs associated with management of corporate securities.

This blog summarizes the features and benefits of EQB with respect to miners, the crypto community, issuing companies and their investors.



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Apply your cryptocurrency experience and infrastructure to mining EQB, the Equibit network's native access token, and earn rewards. If you’ve mined Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency, you can easily mine EQB … At this stage, a CPU or GPU will have you up and running.

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