Equibit main features lineup

Here at Equibit Group we’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with blockchain technology. With Equibit, issuers and investors can now manage every aspect of their relationship in a completely decentralized, secure manner.

These solutions ensure the securities industry will more transparent, secure, and the world of finance will be democratized like never before. Issuers and investors can now enjoy features and functionality previously unavailable to them through any transfer agent or custodian.


Equibit Group has designed and built a public blockchain we call Equibit; a peer-to-peer network for registering and transferring equity or debt. This allows issuers and investors anywhere to instantly transfer title without any reliance on a transfer agent or custodian.


Equibit supports hashed timelocked contracts (HTLC) so users can engage in cross-chain atomic trades (XCAT) with other blockchains that support the same. Furthermore, the Equibit transaction will reference the transaction on the other chain, creating an audit trail for pricing history that everyone can examine.


Investing on the Equibit system guarantees you will never go to zero! Investors can always recycle their securities back into equibits, used for transaction fees, so you can always recover the equivalent value of equibits from any of your investments.


The Equibit blockchain is built on world-class 256-bit security, using encryption that matches or exceeds most financial institutions. It allows for the creation of unforgeable securities and an incorruptible chain of custody. You can be confident that your assets are secure against attackers.


Getting information about companies is easier than ever on the Equibit platform! Due to the transparent nature of blockchain technology data on atomic swaps, issuance information, and more is stored publicly and can be examined at any time by anyone connected to the network without the need for expensive data feeds.


Equibit includes a P2P communications protocol for easy and secure distribution of bid/ask orders, proxy assignments, meeting notices, MD&A’s and much more. Issuers can even privately poll their voting shareholders and create a tally that all participants can audit.


Equibit makes it easier than ever to comply with AML/KYC regulations with Trading Passports. Trusted actors on the network can build communities of vetted investors and issuers, allowing the free-flow of securities only within these trusted groups.


Paying out interest and dividends has never been easier. With just a few clicks issuers can now create a distribution in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency and send payments to all their securityholders of record.

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