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Equibit Group AG announces final round of EQB Presale

November 15, 2018


400,000 Equibits (EQB) from pre-mine to fund launch strategy of world’s leading peer-to-peer securities network

ZUG, SWITZERLAND  – Equibit Group AG – the world’s leading developer of a peer-to-peer securities trading protocol for equity and debt – has announced it will fund late-stage development and launch of its mainnet through a final sale of pre-mined cryptocurrency, EQB. The sale is available to residents in eligible jurisdictions, including Switzerland, the European Union (including the UK), Japan, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

Having recently relocated its global headquarters to Zug, Switzerland, dubbed “crypto valley” and considered the world’s top crypto jurisdiction, the Company will use proceeds from the sale to grow platform awareness and infrastructure integration between its stable, secure network and other financial services providers. The proceeds solidify Equibit Group’s ramp-up to commercial and mainnet launch, expected in the coming months, which is considered by the industry as a demonstration of a platform’s longevity.

“Equibit has carved-out a very clear direction for its future and is steps away from providing greater democratization of global capital,” explained Chris Horlacher, CEO, Equibit Group AG. “This last funding round will enable the completion and launch of this ecosystem.”

Equibit Group has developed a modern blockchain that will greatly simplify the processes of securities registration, post-trade clearing and settlement for issuers and investors – cumbersome processes which are currently bottlenecked by third-party intermediaries. Their dedicated blockchain for crypto-currencies boasts no shared infrastructure, using the world’s most secure hash – SHA-3.

The sale is open to investors who complete anti-money laundering and know-your-customer checks and who are residents or passport holders of eligible jurisdictions. Only six percent of total EQBs have been pre-mined, with 22 million coins to be mined over the Company’s 55-year mining forecast. This is one of the Company’s final steps towards realizing its vision of moving financial services to the Internet.

EQB Sale Details at a Glance:

— 400,000 EQB available to buy (out of a 1,310,258 pre-mine and 22,000,000 maximum supply)

— Price of CHF 20 (Swiss Francs) per EQB, minimum purchase of 1,250 EQB (lowered to 250 EQB on November 15th)

— Soft cap of CHF 2,000,000, hard cap of CHF 8,000,000

— CHF 250,000 or more and receive 10% bonus EQB

— CHF 1,000,000 or more and receive 20% bonus EQB

— CHF 4,000,000 or more and receive 30% bonus EQB

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About Equibit Group AG

Formed in 2015, Equibit Group AG bring the benefits of blockchain technology to capital markets to democratize access to growth capital worldwide. Our wallet leverages the full functionality of the Equibit blockchain and can execute cross-chain atomic swaps between Equibit, Bitcoin, and any other cryptocurrency with similar scripting features. Our vision is for the world of finance to move onto the Internet, with massive public blockchains acting as the ultimate registration systems for securitized assets. Equibit Group AG is headquartered in Zug, Switzerland.

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