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Equibit Group - November Newsletter 2018 (Special Edition)

November 12, 2018

Welcome to the November newsletter - a bit late but we have special news ,,,

Last Chance to Buy EQB before Mainnet

As we approach Equibit mainnet we're inviting residents of Switzerland, EU (including the UK)*, Japan, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand  to participate in the sale of the last 400,000 EQB from the pre-mine. This offer and sale is restricted for regulatory and compliance reasons.

Here is a brief outline of just some of the things that makes our project special and worthy of your support as well as instructions on how you can participate in this sale.

Here are our:

Once you decide to participate please follow this link to the portal to complete the anti-money-laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) processes and complete your purchase - and please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or comments at
EQB Sale Details at a Glance:

  • 400,000 EQB available to buy (1,310,258 initial supply and 22,000,000 maximum)
  • Price of CHF 20 (Swiss Francs) per EQB, minimum purchase of 250 EQB
  • Soft cap of CHF 2,000,000, hard cap of CHF 8,000,000
  • Receive bonus EQB when buying larger amounts
    • CHF 250,000 or more and receive 10% bonus EQB
    • CHF 1,000,000 or more and receive 20% bonus EQB
    • CHF 4,000,000 or more and receive 30% bonus EQB 

Buying EQB will help support our company as we pivot to growing the Equibit community with various marketing strategies and integrating financial institutions with this new infrastructure. If we reach our soft cap any EQB remaining with Equibit Group and not used for bounty or other marketing campaigns will be locked up for one year. It’s an exciting time and a great opportunity for us all!

Well Connected Within the Crypto Community?
If you know others that might be interested in purchasing EQB we offer a generous referral fee that will earn you a 5% commission on purchases you refer to us through a unique link. You will get this unique link from the Tokengate portal after completing the KYC process. You'll also be able to see all of the purchases and commissions you’ve earned in real-time!. Again, this is only available to residence of Switzerland, EU (including UK)*, Japan, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.
Why Equibit:

Three years in the making
We started this project in late 2015 with five founders and an angel investor. Since then we’ve grown to be a highly regarded blockchain development company, adding more people all the time. Equibit has been built, tested, and enhanced three times, making it the most robust of cryptocurrency projects. Click here to read an op-ed in Canada's Globe and Mail where I explain our pragmatic approach to blockchain development.
The ONLY permissionless blockchain project partnered with IBM
Some of you will know about IBM’s partnership with Hyperledger, a permissioned systemthat excludes the crypto community from participating. But they also have a partnership and marketing agreement with us! This gives us access to co-marketing funds, co-branding opportunities (below is a logo you'll see on our website and other promotional materials), access to IBM’s extensive client base and much more! Recently IBM took meon a five-city, North American speaking tour to talk about Equibit and permissionless systems.

First EVER completely private cross-chain atomic swap
Forget what you think you know about decentralized exchanges (“DEX”), we’ve actually done it! Our wallet leverages the full functionality of the Equibit blockchain and can execute cross chain atomic swaps between Equibit, Bitcoin, and any other cryptocurrency with similar scripting features. You can watch the whole thing here, where we demonstrate a cryptosecurity being registered on Equibit and then swapped directly for Bitcoin between two parties using nothing but our wallet. We see Equibit becoming the hub for all off-exchange trades of cryptocurrencies and cryptosecurites.
We have Directors NOT Advisers
We’re serious about governance and that means having a real board of directors with skin in the game rather than a roster of disengaged (and sometimes unknowing) advisers. Our board is made up of highly qualified and experienced individuals with direct oversight of the development company and real fiduciary accountability. With such broad understanding and expertise in the financial and capital markets at our fingertips we’re in a much better position to scale effectively.
Blockchain NOT smart contracts
We’ve recently seen the emergence of the “security token” mania and take it as a sign that we’re on the right track. There’s no greater flattery than emulation. But the financial industry needs strong security and dedicated infrastructure that won’t choke on the immense transactional load it will demand. Equibit is the only public, permissionless, mineable, scalable, secure blockchain capable of providing the user experience needed by issuers and investors that can truly disintermediate the industry.
Professionals driven by a REAL business case
Where many projects are solutions in search of a problem, our professional management team began with a business case. We come from deep financial and technological backgrounds. We’re the only company led by a former Chief Financial Officer of a financial institution working to deliver a solution like Equibit. The problem Equibit solves was our problem for a long time. We know how to communicate the value proposition to our industry peers.
Developer in a TOP-TIER jurisdiction
With many companies facing serious impediments to their operations from various governments, we chose to set up in Switzerland – the world’s #1 destination for financial services and cryptocurrency companies. Not only that, we’re one of the few companies there to have clearance from the Swiss financial regulator, giving us comfort that the company can operate as planned and opening doors to partnerships with financial institutions, which we’re already in the process of securing.
Swiss Flag and Matterhorn

Topflight Business Partners:
To ensure a safe, secure and regulatory compliant EQB sale we've put together a team of leading, top tier, business partners.

As you go through the EQB purchase process you'll engage with our platform partner Tokengate who provide the interface as you complete the AML process with Lexpert Partners and KYC with Intrum. They'll be ensuring a smooth purchase experience and that all funds brought in during the sale are fully bankable in Switzerland.

To start your purchase process, or get your referral link, here again is our portal on Tokengate or click here ...

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In other News

This past month the team focused on working cross continental, traveled to Vegas and continued to interview for our growing team.

No tricks this year, just treats. 

October was the first official month with two Equibit Group offices. Here in Toronto the Marketing and Development team were more focused than ever, while Chris manned the office in Zug, Switzerland and even conducted his first Equibit Group Board Meeting as a Swiss locale. Keep a close eye on your inbox in the coming few days for exciting news on the Board of Directors, the EQB Sale, how you can get involved, earn EQB and more!



The team was spread out across Europe and North America in October.  

Christian and Stephen attended the IBM Innovation Forum 2018 here in Toronto. The event, put on by our wonderful partners at IBM, was a great opportunity to network with senior members of our technology communityChristian attended the Hackers Congress Paralelni Polis 2018 in Prague earlier in the month. Connecting with groups and organizations that can help test and ensure we are releasing the best network possible in the coming months. One of the important take-aways from the conference is the confirmation that a specialized POW blockchain will provide a much more secure and disruptive solution, particularly when compared to proof-of-stake and smart-contract based networks. We were also encouraged by the strong demand for better algorithms, greater privacy, better security, improved quality, and true utility in future peer-to-peer networks. 

Emily spoke at the Loyalty Live 2018 conference in Chicago on the 17th to a room full of loyalty focused marketers considering a shift, or already mid-shift, onto blockchain solutions.  Emily spoke about the misunderstandings and buzzwords around blockchain and how to identify the value it can offer specific to each organizations needs.

Last week Chris made the long flight back from Switzerland to meet Emily and Stephen in Las Vegas for World Crypto Con. Meeting with hundreds of blockchain and cryptography enthusiasts, strategic partners, investors, potential clients and more. Chris presented on the main stage. Discussing the evolution of blockchain technology and how Equibit plans to disrupt transfer agents with our innovative protocol. 

Equibit Group WCC

While in Las Vegas the team took the opportunity to host another private dinner with industry thought leaders.  The dinner welcomed some big names such as Lyn Ulbricht, as well as executives from exchanges, partners and investors.  It was a fantastic dinner and drinks with insightful discussions around hot industry topics, current and potential trends, industry shifts and anything else that organically evolved with such great minds all in one room.
Rounding out the busy month, Chris and Christian were guests on the Bitcoin Podcast. The episode discussed scalability issues in blockchain and the different strategies and tactics organizations are utilizing to help grow their networks more efficiently.  

Marketing Updates

Marketing continued finalizing the design and UX for the new site, the network focused site will be simple and clean with the intention of being the home of the Equibit community. will remain the company site and evolve with our business strategy.

October was also a busy time for event planning and execution. Finalizing 2018 plans and activations while looking ahead to 2019 and strategizing the best opportunities for Equibit Group AG and the Equibit network to meet and engage with the community. 

Notes from the Blogchain

Stemming from a few organic discussions which began here in the Equibit Group office, our content shifted a little in focus this month. Taking a more pragmatic view of the blockchain industry and topics being discussed both within and outside of industry fans, and providing our view, as insiders. 

Starting with some comments that resulted from Nouriel Roubini’s Senate testimony we published And the West Got Wilder which highlights some common misunderstandings around how cryptocurrencies work and why.

"The Bitcoin blockchain provides an unparalleled peer-to-peer payment network, so we’ve forked the Bitcoin blockchain to build a fully customized and public blockchain for capital markets."

We also published 3 Ways We’re Building the Blockchain for Capital Markets which breaks down how our network takes Bitcoin's principles of movement - including autonomy, peer-to-peer transfer, and security by distributed transparency - are applied to capital markets as a more efficient and effective value transfer system by removing friction points and securing that value via disintermediation. 

The third piece we published in October is a more technical article, Developing the Equibit Blockchain For Scale. It explains how the Equibit network uses an Adaptive Block Size and Dark Gravity Wave. 


Technical Updates 

SHA3 is now Code Complete! It's not been an easy road. In fact, the amount of work that was needed to do a SHA3 conversion was astronomical. The R&D team had to modify over 110 files from Bitcoin Core. Initial unit and functional testing was very encouraging. We will continue our QA validation while some of the development team refocuses on mining software and tools. If you have familiarity with mining pool software development, please PM Christian Saucier on our Telegram Channel

Can’t wait until October for the next update?  Get real-time updates directly from the Equibit Group team on Telegram


* Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, UK