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Equibit Group - October Newsletter

October 4, 2018

Welcome to the October newsletter! This past month saw cross country travel, a few keynote presentations, continental moves, co-ops, office upgrades and more.

Toronto, Zug, Vancouver, Liechtenstein, and beyond

September was a great month for validating Chris and Equibit as thought leaders and industry experts. If you attended the Cambridge House Extraordinary Futures conference in Vancouver on the 19th and 20th you would have seen the Equibit Group logo everywhere you looked. Chris took the main stage immediately following Alex Tapscott for a Minerside Chat, moderated by Olivia Lovenmark. Covering the opportunity Equibit has to disrupt the transfer agency inflated expenses and antiquated friction. They also covered the trend in blockchain initiatives focused on capital markets which are leveraging Ethereum smart contracts and the issues they will face choosing to go this route over building a dedicated blockchain.


Chris also spoke on the ELEVATE FinTech day and the Blockchain Impact Summit here in Toronto last week. Both events he introduced the crowd to the Equibit 5 Tenets and the efficient value transfer infrastructure.

A common theme across all of these events was the ongoing discussion around the differences between applications on a blockchain versus a dedicated blockchain, with a minable coin. Which options are better for which situations and the pros and cons associated. We don't think you will be surprised as to where we landed when it comes to capital markets! 

The Swiss Move

The team gathered for lunch this week to wish Chris the best of luck with his move and the official opening of the Equibit Group office in Zug. Quite a bit of time in September was spent dotting i's and crossing t's to ensure our transition to Equibit Group AG, the Swiss company is a smooth one. Comparing different banking and administrative options, developing comprehensive org charts and ensuring full talent coverage has been top of focus for the entire team. We will be announcing more details around the semantics in the coming weeks, including final bank details which will enable the next steps of the private sale. 

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Team Update

Last month we welcomed David McFadzean and Reza Soltani to the Core development team here at Equibit Group. This month our development team grew even more with the addition of Conrad Heidebrecht and Mark Chen. Both come to us as co-op students from the University of Waterloo.  


Mark is a second year student, currently studying in the Honours Mathematics program. Here at Equibit Group he is working on establishing our own Confluencea wiki-like environment that will allow for easier collaborations and and file sharing.

Conrad is in his second year of Systems Design Engineering. At Equibit Group he is working with the wallet team to build out the user interface. In his spare time he likes to write web apps, customize his Linux installs, and writes mobile apps with Flutter.

Marketing Updates

Marketing has been busy designing and organizing the new site. This network focused site will be simple and clean with the intention of being the home of the Equibit community. will remain the company site and evolve with our business strategy.

After the success of the Toronto dinner co-hosted by Equibit Group, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert we have decided to host another dinner at the end of October in Las Vegas.  Plans are well underway and we have confirmed a fantastic guest of honour that will be sure to attract attention.  Stay tuned over the next few weeks for updates on that front. 

Notes from the Blogchain

Outside of the conferences and events, marketing continued to utilize the great minds here at Equibit Group to put together great content for our network.  

The Blogchain featured profile pieces on our two new senior developers. Meet David McFadzean, Senior Software Engineer at Equibit Group came out early September. Introducing David, a true Crpyto OG with an impressive technical background and even more impressive network.

We also released the profile piece, Meet Reza Soltani, Senior Software Developer at Equibit Group which speaks to Reza's exstensive research into the relationship between blockchain and self sovereign identity models.  

"Securities change hands frequently and are required to stand the test of time. A reliable chain of custody makes this possible, efficiently tracing record title and providing an auditable ownership trail."

Focusing more on the pivotal role Equibit will play in the marketplace - we also released Chain of Custody on the Blockchain. The piece explains how information without validation could be considered speculation, or worse, falsified. And how chain of custody is designed to solve this, and blockchain technology dramatically increases that proposition.

Minerside Chat Video Series 

If you haven't checked out the Equibit Group Minerside Chat video series we highly recommend you take a look. The series brings industry experts and thought leaders directly to your screens, covering all things blockchain, cryptocurrency, fintech, capital markets and more. Be sure to subscribe and follow Equibit Group for updates on new videos, events, interviews and more as they are released.

In September we released the Equibit Group Minerside Chat - Ep. 6: The 5 Tenets of EquibitIn this episode, Director of Quality Assurance & Founder, Christian Saucier, gives an introduction to the 5 S's of the Equibit network. Simplicity, Security, Sustainability, Scalability, and Specialized.  Watch below for an explanation of each Tenet and why it is a priority.

Have ideas on topics you would like to see on the Minerside Chat you can join out Telegram channel and let us know!

Technical Updates

Our development team reached its full headcount for 2018, currently including 11 engineers, programmers, and technology specialists. The Portfolio team continues to improve the interface with repeated iterations of tests and use scenarios. The Core team is currently focused on the SHA-256D to SHA3 conversion. We know from our previous code iteration that this is a difficult conversion. Each code change in this new release will be accompanied with a meaningful commit history, documentation, and relevant unit tests. These unit tests are a lot of work! We are also preparing developers instructions for full Visual Studio IDE support, PR requests against the repository, and community engagement. This is no small task, but we believe it will pay-off once we open the repository to the community. We aim for the Equibit codebase to be the most simple, clear, and auditable codebase in the crypto industry.

Can’t wait until October for the next update?  Get real-time updates directly from the Equibit Group team on Telegram