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Equibit Core

At Equibit Group we’re not only changing the way capital markets work; we’re changing the way blockchain applications are built. By integrating multiple blockchains and seamlessly coordinating activities across them we're able to build applications with a complete and robust set of features required by the issuer/investor relationship.

Equibit Core contains all the software necessary to run a full node on the Equibit network. It also interfaces with Bitcoin in order to complete the user experience. All functionality is delivered through a command line interface so developers can add whatever graphical user interface (GUI) you desire or integrate into your existing financial software.

Select the button below to download Equibit Core:

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We've created a guide to mining EQB - download it and get started:


Equibit Miner is used by individuals and organizations that want to contribute resources to the Equibit blockchain by mining EQB. The Equibit Miner works in conjunction with Equibit Core to witness and secure transactions within a block. Our miner supports ASIC, FPGA and GPU mining as well as both solo or pooled mining and supports for all the advanced features of the Equibit blockchain: SHA-3/Keccak, adjustable block-size, adjustable difficulty, segregated witness. Equibit Miner is forked from BFGMiner


Equibit Portfolio

Equibit Portfolio is for individual investors and companies (issuers) looking to participate on the Equibit platform. The portfolio application allows you to transfer, buy, sell, authorize and cancel Equibits (EQBs). It also includes Bitcoin functionality allowing you to easily and seamlessly complete trades and communicate securely with other market participants.

Visit Equibit Portfolio and create your free account:

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Decentralized Settlement

The public Equibit blockchain is a peer-to-peer network for creating and transferring securities.This allows issuers and investors anywhere to transfer title to the Equibit (EQB) token instantly, without reliance on a transfer agent or central depository - and at practically no cost.

24/7/365 Trading

Operating across the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Wherever you have an internet connection, you can securely transact with anyone else using the Equibit network. With settlement times of 10 minutes or less, you'll never be left waiting to complete a trade.

Stop Loss

The Equibit system guarantees an investment will never go to zero! Investors can always recycle their securities back into blank Equibits, so you can always recover the equivalent value of blank Equibits from any of your investments.


The Equibit blockchain is built on world-class security, using encryption that matches or exceeds that of most financial institutions. It allows for the creation of unforgeable securities and an incorruptible chain of custody so you can be confident that your assets are secure.

Market Information

We've made accessing information on the network easy! Blockchain technology is transparent, so data on completed trades, interest payments, and earnings distributions is stored publicly and can be examined at any time by anyone connected to the network.

Investor messaging

Our application includes a peer-to-peer communications protocol for easy and secure distribution of bid/ask orders, proxy assignments, meeting notices, MD&As, and much more. Companies can even privately poll their voting shareholders and create a tally that all participants can audit.

Atomic Swaps

Equibit supports hashed timelocked contracts (HTLC), so users can engage in cross-chain atomic trades (XCAT) with other blockchains that support the same. Furthermore, the Equibit transaction will reference the transaction on the other chain, creating an audit trail for pricing history that everyone can examine.

Earning Distribution

Paying out interest and dividends has never been easier. With just a few clicks companies can now create a Bitcoin-denominated distribution and send payments to all their security holders of record.

Trading Passports

Equibit Group makes it easier than ever to comply with Anti-Money Laundering/Know Your Customer (AML/KYC) regulations.

Our Trading Passports allow either a company, or its agent, to whitelist an address or investor allowing them to trade in a security. These whitelists can restrict investors to only being able to hold or sell securities back to the issuer, trade only with other 'whitelisted’ investors, or they can allow investors to trade unrestrictedly.

How these whitelists function is up to the issuer – the key is that we allow for the free flow of securities within trusted groups.


Equibit Adamant

The Equibit Adamant was developed in response to enterprise and app developers to building industry-leading Bitcoin and EQB infrastructure. With the ability to manage mass user data, including investor and issuer accounts, the Equibit Adamant offers all the elements of Equibit Portfolio, but at institutional scale.

Equibit Adamant is certified Federal Information Processing Standard 140-2. Certified security over private keys and high speed, hardware-based encryption means that the Equibit Adamant is equipped suited for complex, multi-user work environments.


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